Friday, 8 June 2012

Layout Designs for the Lemon Press (Issue XI)

Below are my page designs for Issue 10 of The Lemon Press; constructed in Adobe InDesign. For this issue, guidelines for page layouts were given. All of the text used is of the ownership of the individual(s) that wrote them, and/or of The Lemon Press. The opinions (or sense of humour) of what's written are not representative of my own.

Note: Blogger is a bit weird about how it handles large images. Click a picture to get a larger image, then right click and choose 'View Image' to see it at its full resolution.

Centre-Page  Feature - 2012 Student Elections
That elections logo at the top of the first page is the official logo graphic. It was a challenge finding a font that mimicked the bubble writing style well. The two in-article images were done by Craig Dobson.

Science & Technology Pages 1&2
I took a cue from Wired for this one. They have such clean and cool page layouts! The 'Facebook Gas Cannister' graphic is my own.

Sports Pages 1-3
I kept these simple and tight with the fading dotted borders (I made those myself in the previous issue. They're great at separating articles at a healthy distance but still keep a good amount of white space).

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