Friday, 8 June 2012

Layout Designs for the Lemon Press (Issue X)

This is a long time coming, really. Over the course of my second and 3rd year at University, I assisted in doing layout design work for the local student satire paper; The Lemon Press. Something of a callback to my time at York Vision doing page designs - a skill I (unsurprisingly) can't practice while writing in a purely online medium. Below are my page designs for Issue 10 of The Lemon Press; constructed in Adobe InDesign. For this issue, guidelines for page layouts were given. All of the text used is of the ownership of the individual(s) that wrote them, and/or of The Lemon Press. The opinions (or sense of humour) of what's written is not representative of my own.

Note: Blogger is a bit weird about how it handles large images. Click a picture to get a larger image, then right click and choose 'View Image' to see it at its full resolution.

I quickly found that the best way to have interesting headers was to make them in Photoshop and import them as images. That, coupled with the dotted divider lines keeps the page clean.

The layout guides for this issue didn't accommodate for the headers and footers of each page, so some pages are rather... close. I'm quite pleased with how the 'Lemon Press Recommends' graphic turned out.

It's a small thing, but this page turned out solidly, the Headline fonts especially.

Sports Pages 1 & 2
The  Formula One News banner turned out great! It's a shame I didn't have cause to use it again in future issues.

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