Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Have You Heard - StooShe and Bluey Robinson

This is a partial version of a feature found at The Yorker, here.

StooShe are very much an amalgamation of pop culture from a very specific subculture. Their name derived from the slang term 'stush' meaning 'an air of superiority'; and in reference to the artist of the same name, the trio of singers have a style born from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and song topics that are firmly lodged in London's urban youth culture. A combination like that is going to be painfully polarising; but those who are receptive to StooShe's bright and loud attitudes will have great things to look forward to.

StooShe have not as of time of writing produced an album, but their début release (Swings & Roundabouts, to be released this month) is already in the pipeline for release this year, and a handful of singles releases have given us a taste of the StooShe flavour. Betty Woz Gone was unabashedly rude (but not unintelligent); Love Me/F*ck Me got some solid airtime with its Safe For Work radio edit and guest verse by Travis; and Black Heart, a 60s Soul vibe that's to see radio air time real soon.
If that's not enough to satisfy your curiosity of what these women are capable of; a 17 minute demo tape is available on their website; which, definitely meets its aim of demonstrating StooShe are capable of taking the UK urban music scene.

Bluey Robinson is even more of a quiet start-up (not having a Wikipedia page feels rather damning) but it's not as if he doesn't deserve one. Debuting in 2011 with 'Showgirl', the beat is appropriately summery and familiar, making me miss the days when Lemar was still around. Although it wouldn't be unfair to criticise this single for following the tried and tested formulas for producing a solid Pop/RnB jam, this guy may just be getting started.

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